Lola Yuldasheva — Ketaver Лола Юлдашева. Author — Совершенно Секретно. Akeem Worldwide — Kery Scandal. Manzura — Nahotki sen Манзура. The main feature of this genre can be considered very simple texts in which all attention is paid to the chorus. Lola Yuldasheva — Qaytmaydi Лола Юлдашева.

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The Second is the popular music in our countries can be considered pop music. Compose simple verses, even schoolchildren.

Author — Айзада Калыкова. It is also fairly simple, rhythmic song with a catchy chorus and vivid visuals that gather millions of views. Author — Leyla Wook. In the End feat.

Author — Dili Djuraewa.

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Юлдуз Усмонова — Севмок бошка. Ziyoda — Jim Зиёда. А так же позволяет слушать онлайн. There is like a rock clips, and classic, all the famous tunes and, of course, have not forgotten about the rap.

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согинддим However, there are a lot of different styles, which are several times better and better what is currently popular. Пьяным, чем обманутым — Сергей Лазарев.


Я не один — Полина Богусевич. Lola Yuldasheva — Yaralangan qanot Лола Юлдашева. Shohruhxon — Malikam Шохруххон.

We wish You a pleasant viewing and listening! Lola Yuldasheva — Xabar ol Лола Юлдашева.

Shahzoda — Aldagan sen Шахзода. Munisa Rizayeva — Alamim bor Муниса Ризаева.

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Lola Yuldasheva — Sevgimsan Лола Юлдашева. Nilufar Usmonova — Kel ikkimiz Нилуфар Усмонова. It has many different subspecies, from simple to more grunge heavy metal tracks with hellish shouts.

This style is able to touch various topics and life issues. In addition, the performers of this genre love to experiment in their music videos and sometimes entertain their audience very high quality visuals.

If You are just a music lover, and You like to listen to music regardless of its genre, You will discover hundreds and thousands of videos with music clips. Lola Yuldasheva — Qaytmaydi Лола Юлдашева. Kaniza — Navbat sizga yetdi Каниза. Ziyoda — Sen baxtim Зиёда.


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Poems are rarely dedicated to something sublime, and increasingly affect our messy and ambiguous reality. Gone — The Maya Secret. Because, as we all know, if something becomes widespread, it often loses its own unique charm. Lola Yuldasheva — Xayr Лола Юлдашева. She can ask its listeners a variety of questions and not give them the answer. Munisa Rizayeva — Sensiz Муниса Ризаева. Author — Жасурбек Салимов.

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